Friday, 21 November 2014

Roman School Experience today

Look what Reading Classicists, and especially Professor Eleanor Dickey as the main organizer have achieved:

Reading ancient schoolroom a great success

More than 100 local and not-so-local schoolchildren, teachers, and parents came to Reading on November 19th for Experiencing Ancient Education, an event in which research by Reading Classicists on how ancient schools functioned was presented in action by creating a replica ancient schoolroom for a day. Roman clothes were produced specially for the event by copying the garments on an ancient picture of a school, and all participants dressed in these costumes and learned in a room decorated as a replica of a real ancient schoolroom recently excavated in Egypt. Windows looking out on the Nile river were contributed by an artist connected to the department, and the walls were painted by enthusiastic students and staff. Participants practiced reading from a scroll of papyrus written in ancient fashion (i.e. no spaces between the words or other reading aids), writing on wax tablets, copying poetry onto ostraca (pieces of broken pottery), and doing mathematical calculations in Roman numerals.
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